Companies need to grow to improve and evolve, that’s why we expand.


Crown Sport Nutrition was born thanks to the discovery of the world’s first beef protein (100% All Beef). This product is vitaly important for people affected by various pathologies and social realities: unnourished children, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment and the elderly. We developed  this in South America. we did not imagine that this product would make the leap to Europe, but as I said, companies must find ways to grow. We invest in R+D+I, in  research, and we strive to improve.

There is another  group at theother end of the spectrum  that curiously faces a similar challenge: the consumption of essential nutrients that are easily and quickly absorbed. Sportsmen and Women.

In 2014 we started to carry out scientific research in collaboration with the University of Greenwich in London in sports performance, as we already  had a superb anti-anemic and recovery product, we were sure these qualities would benefit  high performance athletes but this had to be tested under scientific conditions. Before the 100% All Beef product could be brought to market , we had already carried out two first-rate scientific studies with fantastic results.

This self-imposed standard became Crown Sport Nutrition‘s philosophy: all our products had to combine science, quality and transparency.  The products that would follow with our  unique formulations , more scientific research and, of course, the anti-doping accreditation from the UK, Informed Sport , inherited these values.


In 2016 we started to sell in  Spain, as one of the world leaders in the sports we were most interested; triathlon, cycling and trail and providing a compelling argument for use in many other sports . Fort the last two years we have confirmed our belief in the strength of our products, That domination continued and we continued to learn  from our athletes, research and, of course, from the market. We survived  through the financial crisis, and we witnessed the explosion of online shopping.


Brands must pay attention to ON/OFF channels and our policy of agreements and prices aims to protect that freedom for the consumer. The retail price is the same in both channels. In OFF we only sell to specialized points of sale that do not compete on price.

We have managed to collaborate with Amazon to bring all the products to the UK utilising their  Prime Service. In Spain we have reached the top ten Amazon ratings (4.9) in less tan eighteen months, and we rely on our know-how to quickly grow with Amazon UK. We have learned the value of content, of contributing something to the community beyond sales.


We are  prepared to launch to other countries: UK is the logical step, because it is the place where many sporting innovations were born, where we carry out our studies and  where a significant number high-performance athletes will value our products.  The link between our brand and the UK is vital to our business strategy.

Therefore, we are tremendously excited about this new stage of our business, although many people talk to us about brexit, we  talk about “brentry”. We know that it is a very demanding and competitive market, but our products are unique worldwide, safe and focused on achieving maximum sports performance. In Spain, in less than two years,it has been accepted by world class athletes, teams, high performance centres and federations.

We have very competitive products for endurance sports and high level performance as our recovery formulations, isotonics, gels and bars are at the very cutting edge of performance. They are the product of choice of world-class athletes such as Chloe Butler (Rugby Union), Pau Capell, Uxío Abuín and Roberto Sánchez Mantecón.

In the same way amateur athletes can benefit from our scientifically driven products,we know they demand the same levels of  maximum quality performance, great  flavours and and ease of absorption and digestión.


Founder & CEO at Crown Sport Nutrition

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