Hydrating yourself in long distance races is essential. Many runners fail to finish this type of test by exhaustion, cramps or dizziness, sometimes symptoms of lack of hydration.

During a marathon the loss of fluids from our body are increased due to the processes of breathing or sweating, so ingestion and hydration are key elements to achieve optimum performance. For all this, we have launched new products that will help athletes in this type of situations.

During a marathon water losses occur due to breathing and sweating so hydrating properly is something totally necessary, with special emphasis on this action in long runs.

Proper hydration is a fundamental condition to optimize the performance of any athlete. The importance of drinking water and sports drinks is based on the replacement required by the body due to the loss of water and electrolytes.

Sweat mainly loses sodium, hence the importance of restoring it with an isotonic liquid. For this reason we have created Isotonic Drink, an isotonic premium powder that contains the most important nutrients to avoid dehydration and the emptying of glycogen deposits during high intensity and duration efforts.

To avoid dehydration, says Pablo Felipe Martín, expert advisor on sports nutrition, “only the most important electrolytes such as Sodium, Potassium and Chlorine have been added in the right proportions.” In addition, thanks to the carbohydrates and amino acids, it provides fast and lasting energy, a balance of nutrients that allows an unparalleled taste and performance.

Another product suitable for a marathon runner is Energy Gel, a nutrient-dense energy gel that, like the isotonic, contains important electrolytes in significant amounts to help hydration in intense, long-lasting efforts. Its very liquid texture allows an easy and pleasant intake while carbohydrates and amino acids provide instant energy and help maintain blood glucose.

On the other hand, in a marathon, which demand more resistance and involve a high energy expenditure, proteins, along with carbohydrates, become a necessary energy source.

Martín recommends, for marathoners, “the intake of energy bars like the 5: 1 Energy Bar approximately every 90 minutes of sports practice.” It is a

Oatmeal bar indicated for sports with high energetic demand that also contains an extra milk protein isolated and hydrolyzed Optipep 90. With a juicy texture, it facilitates mastication and digestion in moments of intense effort. Each bar has 42% oats to which is added quality protein to improve the nutrient profile and obtain 30 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of protein and 8 grams of fat per bar of 60 grams.

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Finally, let us remind you that Crown Sport Nutrition is the only Spanish company that has Informed-Sport anti-doping certificate in the most representative products.

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