According to research by the company and conducted by independent scientists at the University of Greenwich-and published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism-, it can be concluded that the intake of a post-workout drink mixed with orange juice And 100% All Beef Proteins supports lean mass gain in young athletes who train strength on a regular basis.

This time, the article, published in one of the most prestigious journals in the world, compares three isocaloric groups taking one of the following post-workout drinks: 1) orange juice with 100% All beef, 2) orange juice with Iso Whey (milk whey protein), and 3) orange juice with Maltodextrin (carbohydrates).

The results of the study suggest that the intake of beef protein extract (100% All Beef) represents an appropriate nutritional strategy to optimize the effects of strength training, mainly at the level of body composition (increase of muscle mass) .

While it is true that all three treatments showed positive effects to increase strength and muscle mass, the group that ingested 100% All Beef was the only one to achieve significant increases in the circumference of the arms. It should be noted that the group that ingested 100% All Beef produced the highest relative change in the values of maximum strength, lean mass and muscular thickness of the biceps brachii. In addition, this group and the one who ingested whey proteins (Iso Whey) produced a substantial increase in the vastus medialis of the quadriceps. In addition, it is important to note that, regardless of the level of increase, only the two groups that ingesting proteins significantly increased lean mass.

In summary, intake of a post-workout drink containing 250 ml of orange juice with 20 g of 100% All Beef or milk whey protein (iso whey) has been effective in maximizing lean mass gain in young They trained strength. In addition, consumption of 100% All Beef was associated with a higher degree of hypertrophy observed in the upper limbs (biceps brachii), although improvements in maximal strength levels were similar in all three groups.

The study was led by the prestigious Doctor Fernando Naclerio. Within this research project, other studies have been published that analyzed the effects of beef protein intake on muscle mass gain and immune system responses in a mixed group (men and women). These reports are within the numerous scientific studies in the areas of training and sports nutrition that the doctor has performed. In addition, it has contributed to the development of numerous training programs in the area of training, applied physiology and sports nutrition.

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