Today we would like to share this article that shares Triathlon Magazine, a single sport is not enough and where it explains steps to resume exercise for triathletes.

After the Christmas break, it is time to start again the sports routine, for this they propose exercises to recover the habit gradually and avoid injuries.

Time to start over!

Walk on the mountain

According to the magazine Triathlon, walking between 1 and 5 hours once or twice a week implies great benefits in our body. These advantages include the following:

  • Muscle and joint impact is less than when running
  • Allows us to gradually become accustomed and adapting our musculature and joints to training.
  • It is a very healthy aerobic exercise and you can maintain several hours, therefore, it improves our qualities of fondista.
  • It allows you to enjoy nature and the environment with peace of mind.


During the break of Christmas, and with the cold of disadvantage, it is normal to leave the water in our routine. However, it is important that our body regains the sensation of the aquatic environment, reports the magazine.

We simply want to get our body back into the water. Therefore, we will not be demanding, and we will increase the level progressively.

They recommend swimming between 30 and 50 minutes with different materials to enjoy again the pleasant feeling that gives us to do an activity without gravity influence us.

Mountain bike

To restart our training, mountain biking is a good option. Triathlon magazine argues that it is an exercise that takes us away from the monotony, since it is a way of exercising for varied terrain and with more attention.

With one or two outings a week, between an hour and a half and three hours, we will get multiple advantages in our body. Among them work strength and power, and improve the ability on both wheels.

It is, without doubt, a fun way to get back into the exercise routine.

Walk and run

According to the article to which we refer, this is the best way to start your career training in a progressive way and without causing you great stress.

Maintaining a comfortable 40-60 minute run for the first three weeks is a perfect way for our body to re-prepare for training.

And, to do it properly, we will take into account the aspects that tell us:

  • We will start with a longer walking time and gradually we will decrease this time, to increase the race time.
  • The pace should be moderate (60-70% of the maximum heart rate) and the pace of walking should be cheerful, not allowing the pulsations to be greatly reduced. Look for uneven and mountainous terrain to develop this type of training, this way it will be much more fun and help you work the proprioception of your ankles.
  • Progress in a proper way, you can start with 30 ‘sessions and even make 1h30 walk-run. During the stretches of walk, walk a few minutes on your toes and heels and this way you will be strengthening your ankles
  • Take advantage of this period to release the shoes that you will use this season and adapt to them.

And finally … Strengthens with gums

For the beginning of the season, we can opt for elastic bands, which will allow us to tone, in addition to working the muscles. According to Triathlon: “This type of work will prepare our muscles for a more demanding work of force during the general and specific preparation.”

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