There are diverse studies related to sports nutrition and the effects that produces on different types of athletes. In Exercise Physiology in the sport nutrition section you can see research and effects within the sports field of supplementation and its components.

We leave you the last three posts published in the Sports Nutrition Section:

  • Caffeine, muscle strength and fatigue tolerance. In this article, Exercise Physiology tells us how caffeine improved fatigue tolerance and showed a tendency to improve maximal strength.
    Read article here.
  • Nutritional comparison of beef protein extract vs whey protein. Whey proteins would provide a greater proportion of essential amino acids, especially Leucine, while beef proteins are present in a preparation richer in other nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
    Read article here.
  •  Octopamine supplementation and performance. The results of the research, according to Physiology of Exercise, that acute administration of a low dose of octopamine did not improve aerobic endurance performance.
    Read article here.

We will continue to collaborate with Exercise Physiology to inform and share entries in the Sports Nutrition section

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