Already known: new year, new life. With the arrival of the year, come the purposes, the inscriptions to gyms and the future declines of it. But not this year, this year is the year!

Here are some exercise routines for you to do during this 2017, and make this year the year you get fit:

Go run!
We know it costs, but it’s all started. Start with something simple, 10 or 15 minutes. A time with which you see yourself safe and able to get. Do not worry if you think it’s too little, this is the beginning.

Little by little, increase the time you go running. Your body will resist more and more and will become stronger.

It is also important that you set an exit time and try to be the same. It is a way to turn it into a routine and your body will ask for it alone. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up running the next San Silvestre.

Do exercises at home
Maybe the reason you’ve never managed to make exercise routine is time. But, that is no longer an excuse.

You can think up an exercise table and do it yourself at home. The better you come, and how you want. Mold it to your schedule so that you can do an exercise routine without problems.

In Vitonica you are offered some exercises to practice at home that can come very well:

Become a sports enthusiast
One way to mark an exercise routine is to practice some sport. Find the one you like the most and practice it.

Practicing a sport on a regular basis is a fun way to stay in shape. Your body gains the benefits of exercise, and you also maintain a routine. All are advantages.

And, of course, all are worth. Football, basketball, crossfit… Choose the one you like best and get to work!

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