It is time to communicate a very important agreement for Crown Sport Nutrition. We are very excited to collaborate with Triathlon Clavería Móstoles to provide all the nutrition material for the club. Triathletes need a nutritional supplementation day after day due to the great effort that this sports modality requires, which is why we are delighted to be able to collaborate with the supply of: energy gels, energy bars, proteins, recuperators, etc., everything that is necessary so that the great athletes can carry out their workouts obtaining the best results.

Two of our CrownPro are part of this club: Gabriela Pintos and Sara Bonilla Bernárdez. We are delighted to have two great talents in this sport, who never cease to surprise us by striving to the maximum.

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Gabriela Pintos

We bet on clubs and their athletes! Thank you very much for counting on us, we will continue to strive every day to do our best to improve.

Find out more about the Triathlon Clavería Móstoles club here.

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