Last week the launch of 3 products from our Crown Sport Nutrition range took place in Madrid, bringing together professional athletes such as Majo Sánchez Alayeto (No. 3 in the World Padel Tour ranking) and Carla Nafría (cyclist of the USA team Crit Life of road critérium). The one responsible for giving a thread to the presentation was, our expert advisor on sports nutrition, Pablo Felipe Martín.
We leave a video of some of his statements during the presentation of the new products Crown Sport Nutrition.
New products:
♣ Isotonic Drink. As Pablo Felipe Martín says, “its differentiating characteristic is the introduction of branched amino acids, preventing central fatigue syndrome, which is so prevalent in athletes in the background.” Prevents dehydration and emptying of glycogen deposits during hard efforts.

♣ 5: 1 Energy Bar: Contains an extra of hydrolyzed and isolated milk protein Optipep 90. This oatmeal bar is recommended for sports that require a great energy supply.

♣ Energy Gel: It is a nutrient-dense energy gel in perfect balance and just as Isotonic Drink also contains important electrolytes such as Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium. According to the statements of Carla Nafría “the bar, the isotonic and the gel do not cause any damage to the stomach or produce digestive problems,” its very liquid texture that allows an easy and pleasant intake.

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