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Coffee Endurance Pack

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Pack with 250 g of specialty coffee with extra caffeine, gels with and without caffeine, salty and sweet bars, and isotonic, ideal to meet all energy demands before and during your outings.

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Why Crown Sport Nutrition?

We know that you greatly value a good cup of coffee both in the morning and before going out with the bike, running or doing any kind of sport. That is why this time we bring you a pack with our star products and also the new FUGA specialty coffee from Wattios Coffee, with a good extra caffeine to help improve sports performance. At Crown Sport Nutrition we are lovers of specialty coffee and we have also seen that this coffee is ideal to drink just before doing sports due to its high caffeine content.


  • 250g Extra caffeine specialty coffee FUGA by Wattios Coffee (PRE)
  • 1 energy bar Energy Bar Double Chocolate: Source of carbohydrates and proteins , you can use it as a load before going out in your training


  • 1 vegan salty energy bar Energy Bar (vegan salted peanut ): </ b > Source of carbohydrates and proteins, you can use it as a load or recovery of your training. In addition, with a salty touch to compensate for the sweet flavors of the rest of the products and provide an extra sodium.
  • 2 sachets of Energy Gel (red fruits with caffeine and orange): Caffeine improves the process of absorption of the hydrates contained in the gel, which will increase the degree of oxidation of these and delays the onset of fatigue. In turn, caffeine will improve your alertness, decision-making and your muscle contraction, among others.
  • 2 sachets of hydrating and energy drink, Isodrink & amp; Energy (lemon and orange) : you can hydrate while consuming carbohydrates (energy) and mineral salts, which will help delay the onset of fatigue. To take during physical activity.

Is coffee effective to increase yield?

A study led by Dr. Asker Jeukendrup compared the effect of taking 5 mg / kg of isolated caffeine and the same amount of caffeine but based on coffee with the effects of taking decaffeinated coffee or a placebo. Researchers analyzed performance using a 45-minute cycling test, and the results showed that both isolated caffeine and coffee similarly improved performance (5% on average) compared to decaffeinated coffee and placebo. You can learn more in this post: https://crownsportnutrition.com/caffeine-and-performance- voucher-with-a-coffee /

Why does the FUGA coffee from Wattios Coffee have an extra caffeine? Is it added?

Caffeine is “a defense” of the coffee cherry that acts against insects that want to attack the plant. That is why those origins that are less tall have a higher degree of caffeine than those that are taller. The FUGA coffee from Wattios Coffee has mostly a Robusta origin, at a height of 1,400 meters, so both the variety itself and the low altitude make it a very high caffeine bean. To offset the strong caffeinated flavor a bit, this FUGA coffee has a bit of the rich Ethiopian coffee, achieving a more balanced taste.

What is specialty coffee?

Unlike commercial coffee or capsules, this coffee has a completely artisan production process, from the collection of the fruit, the roasting of the coffee (eliminating any type of additive and preservative such as sugar) and finally a bagging without exploitation of people or machinery in the middle. According to Wattios Coffee “specialty coffee is presented as an ergogenic aid for athletes, a moment of pleasure and reflection”

Characteristics Café FUGA by Wattios Coffee

ORIGIN: Blend India (Robusta) + Ethiopia (Arabica)
HEIGHT 1400-2200m

  • AROMA Dry, Intense, Wheat Field
  • FLAVOR Peanut, Dark Chocolate, Walnut

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