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(Español) Barritas energéticas técnicas de avena con aislado de proteína de guisante, 100% veganas y sin aceite de palma.

  • Ambas barritas contienen un extra de sodio para mejorar la hidratación
  • Con sabores dulcisalados para cambiar los sabores dulces típicos de las barritas
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5: 1 Energy Bar is a delicious, unflaked oat flapjack type energy bar with an extra of isolated and hydrolyzed whey protein Optipep 90.

For each 60 g bar:

  • 225 kcal per bar
  • Nutrient 5: 1 ratio: 30 g oat carbohydrates and 6 g protein (3 g oat protein and 3 g Optipep 90 milk protein)
  • Juicy texture and spectacular taste for an easy and tasty take
  • Does not have coverage so it does not melt at high temperatures
  • Does not cause digestive problems

To take before, during training or between hours

  • Provides lots of energy in an easy and tasty way
  • Provides high quality protein to improve performance

5: 1 Energy Bar is a delicious oatmeal bar suitable for sports with a high energy demand that also contains an extra of hydrolyzed and isolated whey protein Optipep 90. Each bar has 42% oats and has a very juicy texture to facilitate the chewing and digestion in times of intense exertion. It´s added high quality protein to improve the nutrient profile and obtain 30 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of protein and 8 grams of fat per bar of 60 grams.

5: 1 Energy Bar does not contain coverage to make it more digestible and easy to transport and prevent it from melting or spoiling in the heat. This also allows you to have less fat than other similar oat flapjack bars.

Ingredients (Double Chocolate and Yoghurt): oats flakes (41.7%), invert sugar syrup [sugars, water, acidity correctors (citric acid and sodium carbonate) and coloring agent (E-150d)], vegetable margarine [refined non-hydrogenated oils Palm and sunflower; Water, emulsifier (E471), salt, acidity corrector (citric acid), preservative (E200), antioxidants (rich in tocopherols and ascorbyl palmitate), aromas and colorant (beta-carotene)] hydrolyzed isolate of whey Optipep 90 (4.61%), aromas and preservative (E202). Contains gluten, milk, soy and traces of sulfites. It may contain traces of eggs, peanuts, nuts, sesame and / or derivatives thereof.

How to use: Take a bar approximately every 90 minutes of sports practice. It can also be taken one hour before training or between hours in times of high energy demand.

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