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Liquid texture energy gel with carbohidrates, aminoacids and minerals. Caffeinated and non caffeinated version.

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It is a technical energy gel with a matrix of carbohydrates of fast absorption, caffeine (cola version) and guarana, big amount of BCAA, Taurine, Arginine and electrolytes indispensable for a correct hydration.

  • Professional liquid with very liquid texture
  • 7 g of a 2:1:1 carbohydrate matrix (Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Fructose) by gel
  • 64 mg of anhydrous caffeine and guarana gel (Cola version)
  • Large amount of amino acids per gel; 640 mg
  • The most important electrolytes: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium
  • Spectacular and very mild flavor
  • Does not cause stomach problems

To take before and during exercise:

  • Improved performance by concentration of caffeine
  • Maintenance of the glycemic index by the high amount of carbohydrates and BCAA
  • Correct hydration by the replacement of salts

Energy Gel by Crown Sport Nutrition is a perfect balance nutrient-dense energy gel.
It contains a 2: 1: 1 carbohydrate matrix (Dextrose,
Maltodextrin, Fructose) to provide instant energy that helps maintain glycemic index. The caffeinated version brings 64 mg of a mixture of anhydrous caffeine and guarana.
It also contains important electrolytes such as Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium (in the form of citrate, more assimilable) in significant amounts to help hydration in intense and long-lasting efforts. To support the effect of carbohydrates have been added a large amount of amino acids: 400 mg of BCAA, 120 mg of Taurine and 120 mg of Arginine that help maintain glycemic indexes and better vasodilation.
The difference in Energy Gel is its great taste and texture despite the nutrient density. Contains very good flavor with a very liquid texture that allows an easy and pleasant intake.
It does not cause digestive problems.

Ingredients (Limón): Water, maltodextrin, dextrose, fructose, sodium chloride, magnesium citrate, leucine, taurine, arginine, isoleucine, valine, potassium chloride, preservative (E202), acidulant (citric acid), sweetener (sucralose) and aroma. Cola gel has 64 mg of anhydrous caffeine and guarana.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Caja de 10 geles, 1 unidad suelta


Cola con cafeína, Frutos rojos con cafeína, Limón sin cafeína, Naranja sin cafeína


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Nutritional information

Per 40 g gel
Energy Value 107 kcal
Fat of wich: 0 g
saturated 0 g
Carbohydrates: 26,2 g
of wich
sugar 14,5 g
Protein 0,64 g
Salt 0,27 g
Sodium 120 mg
Potassium 25,2 mg
Magnesium 38,8 mg
BCAA Total 400 mg
L-Leucine 200 mg
L-Isoleucine 100 mg
L-Valine 100 mg
Taurine 120 mg
Arginine 120 mg