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Nitrates 600 + Citrulline Shot Gel

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Innovative shot gel that combines 600 mg of nitrates and 6,000 mg of citrulline per dose, designed to maximize sports performance. This supplement acts as a precursor of Nitric Oxide, improving vasodilation, blood flow and the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. Ideal for athletes seeking improved exercise capacity and faster recovery. Vegan and allergen free.

With Informed Sport anti-doping certificate.

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  • High concentration of Nitrates: 600 mg per gel shot
  • High concentration of Citrulline: 6,000 mg per shot gel.
  • Dual precursor of Nitric Oxide via anaerobic and aerobic pathways
  • With anti-doping certificate by Informed-Sport
  • In a novel and practical shot gel format
  • Allergen free and Suitable for Vegans

Nitrates 600 + Citrulline is a Nitric Oxide precursor product from its 2 most important sources, on the one hand, Nitrates (which act anaerobically)** and, on the other hand, Citrulline (which acts aerobically); both in effective doses backed by science. In an innovative single-dose, stick gel format, easy to carry and take. With anti-doping certificate by Informed-Sport, suitable for Vegans and is also 100% allergen free.

Benefits for sportsmen and women Nitric Oxide (NO from now on) is a molecule in the form of gas and is the real protagonist in the improvement of performance as it intervenes in fundamental processes for athletes such as vasodilation and, therefore, with blood flow, oxygen and nutrient transport to the muscle during sports practice. In general, the improvements in performance are produced at the level of a greater exercise capacity reducing its energetic cost, improves muscle contraction, intervenes in mitochondrial respiration and in the immune function. All this could also improve recovery.

As such, ON, being a gas, we cannot ingest it as such, but what we can do is to take the precursors for the formation of the same and among these precursors are on the one hand the Nitrates (from beet) and, on the other hand, the amino acid Citrulline; there are other sources, but these are the most important and most scientifically supported, classified as A and B, respectively, as ergogenic aids.

Mechanism of action of nitrates (anaerobic pathway) The direct intake of Nitrates (NO3-) from beet, in the form of standardized extract in our case (it assures us the exact amount ingested), begins to be reduced to Nitrite by our own bacteria in the mouth, being absorbed in the intestine where the reduction to ON continues in hypoxia, i.e. in the absence of Oxygen.

Mechanism of action of Citrulline (aerobic pathway) In this case, it is obtained internally from the amino acid Arginine with the help of the enzyme Nitric Oxide Synthase and Oxygen to release a molecule of ON and Citrulline. So why use Citrulline and not Arginine directly? This is because Arginine has a lower bioavailability at intestinal level and it has been seen that when Citrulline is introduced, it is transformed endogenously to Arginine and it is this that has a higher bioavailability to be then used as a true precursor of ON.

And not forgetting that Nitrates 600 + Citrulline is 100% safe as it is anti-doping certified by Informed-Sport.

Employment mode:

Acute protocol: Take one stick approx. 2 hours before physical activity.
Chronic protocol: Take one stick a day during the 4 days prior to a competition and take one more in acute protocol, i.e. 2 hours before the competition. Total 5 sticks in 5 days.

Flavors available: Red Fruits Available formats: 32 g gel sticks and boxes of 10 gel sticks.

L-Citrulline-DL-Malate 6000mg
Beet root extract 4000mg
of which, Nitrates 600mg

Ingredients: Water, L-citrulline-DL-malate, beet extract (Beta vulgaris, root, 15% nitrates), flavorings, thickener: gum gallanum; preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate; sweetener: sucralose.

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