PACK Endurance Tester

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The Endurance PROTester Pack is a pack with Crown Sport Nutrition’s star products and a 600 ml BottlePRO, mainly focused on those endurance athletes (triathlon, cycling, trail running, marathon, etc.) who want to try our products for the first time without having to buy a whole box or bottle at an exceptional price.

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The Endurance Tester PACK is composed of:
1 x Energy Gel Cola with Caffeine 40 g
1 x Energy Gel Lemon 40 g
1 x Energy Bar Double Chocolate 60 g
1 x Energy Bar Banana White Choc 60 g
1 x Energy Bar Yoghurt 60 g
1 x Isodrink Lemon single dose 400 ml
1 x Isodrink Red fruits single dose 400 ml
1x Gamebooster single dose 7g
1 x 3: 1 PRO Recovery Vanilla single dose 50 g
1 x Elegir entre un BottlePRO 600 ml, 800ml o Shaker PRO.

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Weight 0.5 kg
PACK Endurance Tester

PACK Endurance Tester con bidón 600 ml, PACK Endurance Tester con bidón 800 ml, PACK Endurance Tester con Shaker


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