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Snack bar made of date, protein and hazelnut without sweeteners. With 28 g of carbohydrates and 10 g of protein. To take between meals or after training as recovery. Gluten free

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  • 28 g of Carbohydrates provided by the Date.
  • 10 g of protein provided by eggs and hazelnuts
  • Adequate nutritional ratio as a Recovery option
  • Snack with a juicy texture and incredible flavor.
  • Free of sweeteners, preservatives and coloring agents
  • Cold processing, without heat treatment
  • Gluten free and suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians.

Raw Bar is a snack bar based on dates, egg whites and hazelnuts of the highest quality with a premium composition that provides both the energy and protein necessary for your day to day. It has a unique juicy texture that is easy to eat and, in addition, as it has no chocolate coating and the fat content is low, its digestibility is very good. It contains no sweeteners, preservatives, colorings or unnecessary added ingredients.

It contains a balanced blend of:

Dates, which provides carbohydrates (energy), mostly as a source of glucose and fructose in a ratio of approximately 1:1. But dates are not only a source of carbohydrates, maybe there are some facts about them that you did not know, if so, read on… The date is the fruit of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) and there are more than 2,000 different species. At a nutritional level between them they have some differences, but in general, all of them provide insoluble fiber which is good for our health and, most importantly, many different micronutrients such as vitamin C and B complex vitamins (including B2, B3, B6 and B9); more than 10 minerals, including potassium, magnesium, copper and selenium; and a wide range of biochemical phytoactives such as polyphenols, anthocyanins and carotenoids, which, among other properties, have a high antioxidant capacity (by 3 ORAC, FRAP and DPPH methods, although the most common is ORAC), which in the case of fresh dates has an ORAC value above 1.650 µmol trolox/100 g), which is of great help to the athlete, since this generates

Egg whites, which provides high biological value proteins (Gorissen, S.H.M., AA. 2.018), essential for muscle reconstruction, but without forgetting the importance they have in our daily life for the optimal functioning of the immune and hormonal systems, homeostasis, etc.

Seasoned with a touch of Hazelnuts, this nut will provide texture and flavor, but also an extra of healthy fatty acids.

And a little bit of coconut butter to make it compact and give it juiciness.

RAW Bar does not contain any type of chocolate coating to make it easier to transport and prevent it from melting or spoiling in the heat. The absence of any coating makes it less fatty, which makes it more digestible.

And like all Crown Sport Nutrition® products, with a unique taste, texture and digestibility.

Take one bar at any time of the day (between meals, as breakfast or snack, etc.). Due to its nutritional composition, it is suitable to be taken as Recovery after physical activity.

Professional advice:

  • Can be taken during physical activity as long as the activity is not of high intensity.
  • Because of its 2.8/1 ratio between carbohydrates and proteins, it can be taken as Recovery** when there is no possibility of taking it as a shake or as a complement to it if the body weight or energy demand is high.
  • If you take it as Recovery accompany it with liquid to also optimize post-workout Rehydration.
  • Can be taken as extra calories at times of the season when energy demand is high.


NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per 100 g per bar (50 g)
Energy 1,510kJ 755kJ
357Kcal 179Kcal
Fat 3.4g 1.7g
of which, saturated 0.5g 0.3g
Carbohydrates 56.4g 28.2g
of which, sugars 44.9g 22.4g
Fiber 10.3g 5.2g
Proteins 20.1g 10.1g
Salt 0.11g 0.06g


NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per 100 g per bar (50 g)
Energy 1,529kJ 764kJ
362Kcal 181Kcal
Fat 3.8g 1.9g
of which, saturated 1.3g 0.6g
Carbohydrates 56.8g 28.4g
of which, sugars 44.4g 22.2g
Fiber 9.6g 4.8g
Proteins 20.3g 10.1g
Salt 0.11g 0.06g


(71.5%) date paste, (21.9%) egg white powder, (4.5%) roasted hazelnuts, (1.8%) defatted cocoa powder, coconut butter.

Contains egg and hazelnuts. May contain traces of peanut, soy, milk (including lactose), other nuts, sulfites and sesame.


(70%) date paste, (22.8%) egg white powder, (4%) roasted hazelnuts, (3%) banana (banana, coconut oil, sucrose), coconut butter.

Contains egg and hazelnuts. May contain traces of peanut, soy, milk (including lactose), other nuts, sulfites and sesame.

Allergen table
Product sheet (COCOA)
Product sheet (BANANA)

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