Pack 7 Game Booster + Shaker Esports

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Improve your performance and focus in a healthy way and with scientific evidence. For your most important games. Mix it into your favorite drink; water, soda, juice etc. and get 2 hours of maximum concentration and performance. No sugar spikes.

With ShakerPRO.

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Why Crown Sport Nutrition?


  • With caffeine, theanine and other amino acids
  • No added sugars
  • Enhances any drink without altering the flavor
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Game Booster is a top-quality performance & focus mental enhancer powder, totally healthy and scientifically proven.

Its extraordinary formula consists of:

  • Tyrosine: amino acid that improves focus and concentration by being a precursor of catecholamines, something very important when you want to perform at your best, especially when you have been playing for a few hours.
  • Caffeine: the best ingredient for improving cognitive performance directly. Caffeine activates the Central Nervous System (CNS), delays fatigue and maintains alertness, fundamental factors to continue performing in the long hours of play.
  • Taurine: enhances and prolongs the effect of caffeine.
  • Theanine: avoids the negative effects of caffeine, since it promotes relaxation, but maintains alertness, therefore reducing stress and anxiety caused by play.

Scientific studies show that the combined intake of Caffeine and Theanine improve performance in demanding cognitive tasks.

And like all Crown Sport Nutrition® products with 100% guaranteed effectiveness.

Ingredients: Taurine, tyrosine, anhydrous caffeine, theanine and sweeteners: sucralose and acesulfame-K.

How to use: add the content of a stick in 300 ml of your favorite drink (without caffeine); water, soda *, juice etc. It can also be taken dissolved in a glass of water.

* Do not add directly to the can of a carbonated soft drink.

Flavor: Neutral slightly sweet

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