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    PRO Salt Caps

    22,40 vat included

    Capsules based on highly bioavailable mineral salts. It provides all the electrolytes present in sweat (Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine, Calcium and Magnesium) so its intake favors their replacement, thus minimizing dehydration during exercise.
    Bottle format 60 capsules.

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    Energy Gum Bar

    From: 1,99

    Gummy jelly energy bar with electrolytes. With and without caffeine.

    • Provides 23 g of carbohydrates per bar
    • With 64.4 mg of Caffeine per bar (Only Strawberry and Cola)
    • With minerals from assimilable sources: Na, K and Mg
    • With a plus of branched chain amino acids (BCAA), Arginine and Taurine
    • Gummy texture with incredible flavor and digestibility
    • Suitable for Vegans
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    Energy Gel

    From: 2,20

    Liquid texture energy gel with carbohidrates, aminoacids and minerals. Caffeinated and non caffeinated version.

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    Energy Bar

    From: 2,20

    Energy Bar is an oatmeal bar of the highest quality with a premium composition that provides the necessary energy to improve performance in your training sessions and competitions. Also to improve it we have added isolated protein isolate. It has a unique juicy texture that will be easy to swallow and will minimize gastrointestinal problems.

    The Salted Peanut and Strawberry flavors can be found at https://crownsportnutrition.com/producto/energy-bar-vegan/

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    Isotonic Drink (Isodrink & Energy)

    From: 2,00

    Premium isotonic with carbohydrates, salts and amino acids in proportions according to science. With anti-doping certification by Informed Sport.

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    From: 2,20

    Oatmeal technical energy bars with pea protein isolate, 100% vegan and without palm oil.


    Both bars contain extra sodium to improve hydration
    With sweetened flavors to change the typical sweet flavors of the bars

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    BCAA 2:1:1 Instant


    BCAAs powder instantaneous dissolution and good flavor.