Beef & Whey ST 486 g (Vanilla flavor)

62,95 vat included

Premium protein blend with All Beef and hydrolyzed Optipep 90 whey isolate. With scientific study.
Vanilla flavor.

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Why Crown Sport Nutrition?

It is a premium powder mix of the best meat protein on the market (All Beef) and the best isolated and hydrolyzed whey protein on the market (Optipep® Sports 90). < / p>

  • Only 2 ingredients: All Beef and Optipep® 90
  • 85% Protein
  • 23 g Protein / 5 g BCAA / 4.25 g Glutamine
  • 21 vitamins and minerals
  • Hydrolyzed: Ultra-fast absorption
  • Scientifically proven by the University of Greenwich and published in the Int

Infographic scientific article Beef & amp; Whey

Helps increase muscle mass and reduce fat mass and visceral fat in endurance athletes.

Download Abstract ECSS Vienna 2017

Beef & amp; Whey is the first and only premium supplement that mixes the best hydrolyzed meat protein on the market, All Beef, with the best hydrolyzed and isolated whey protein on the market, Optipep 90.

It has an anti-doping certificate by Informed Sport and its own scientific study by the UEM with very good results in body composition in endurance athletes.

Both ingredients have their effectiveness scientifically proven and their mix powers exponentially since the best benefits of both proteins are achieved; greater strength, power and muscle mass gain, better recovery, improved immune system and increased iron and ferritin.

(Cermak et al 2012: Naclerio & amp; Larumbe 2015: All Beef Studies ) .

Its absorption is ultra-fast, reaching the bloodstream in 15 minutes all the nutrients of Beef & amp; Whey : proteins of the highest quality, vitamins of the complex B and D, very important minerals such as magnesium, heme iron and zinc among others, essential fats and everything obtained from only 2 ingredients. It is also suitable for lactose intolerant due to its low amount of lactose (0.5%).

Its Vanilla flavor is spectacular as in all Crown Sport Nutrition® products.

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed and Isolated Protein Optipep® Sports 90 (59%), All Beef (39%), vanilla flavor, sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame k.
Contains milk proteins and soy lecithin.

Click here to consult allergens table.

How to use: Mix a scoop (27 gr) in 250 ml of water just after training.


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Por 100 g Por porción de 27 g
Valor energético 373.34 kcal 100,80 kcal
Grasas de las cuales: 3,49 g 0,94 g
saturadas 1,46 g 0,39 g
monoinsaturadas 1,01 g 0,27 g
poliinsaturadas 0,21 g 0,06 g
Ω 3 3,21 mg 0,87 mg
Ω 6 17,46 mg 4,71 mg
Hidratos de carbono: 2,53 g 0,68 g
de los cuales
azúcares <0,5 g <0,5 g
Fibra alimentaria <0,5 g <0,5 g
Proteínas 84,23 g 22,74 g
Sal* 0,39 g 0,11 g
Vitamina B12 1,19 µg 0,32 μg
Niacina 40,05 mg 10,81 mg
Retinol 1,03 μg 0,28 μg
K 0,13 μg 0,04 μg
Vitamina D 0,44 µg 0,12 μg
Vitamina B6 0,11 mg 0,03 mg
Ácido fólico 30,83 µg 8,32 μg
Tocoferol 8,4 μg 2,27 μg
B1 2 μg 0,54 μg
B2 2,9 μg 0,78 μg
B8 0,25 μg 0,07 μg
Ácido pantoténico 0.40 mg 0,11 mg
Fósforo 467,00 mg 126,09 mg
Hierro 5,92 mg 1,60 mg
Zinc 6,93 mg 1,87 mg
Potasio 810,01 mg 218,70 mg
Magnesio 101,23 mg 27,33 mg
Selenio 8,85 µg 2,39 mg
Calcio 371,17 mg 100,22 m
*El contenido de sal obedece exclusivamente al sodio presente de forma natural en el alimento


L-Leucina (BCAA) 10.01 g
L-Isoleucina(BCAA) 6.87 g
L-Valina(BCAA) 6.51 g
%BCAA 21.4
%BCAA/EAA 46.72
L-Lisina 10.19 g
L-Fenilalanina 3.48 g
L-Treonina 6.68 g
L-Triptófano 1.59 g
L-Metionina 2.42 g
L-Histidina 2.33 g
%EAA 45.75
L-Ácido Glutámico 18.72 g
L-Arginina 3.73 g
L-Ácido Aspártico 10.95 g
L-Serina 5.01 g
L-Prolina 6.14 g
L-Alanina 6.1 g
L-Glicina 3.49 g
L-Tirosina 3.09 g
L-Cisteína + L Cistína 2.04 g
L-Taurina 0.06 g
L-Ornitina 0.07 g