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  • HyperGel 45

    From: 3,25

    Energy gel with 45 g of carbohydrates in a 1:0.8 maltodextrin:fructose ratio and 165 mg of sodium (except 400 mg in the salted peanut flavor). Caffeine free and caffeinated versions (80mg). With liquid texture and without sweeteners. Indicated for high carbohydrate intake.

    With Informed Sport anti-doping certificate.

  • Energy Gel

    From: 2,20

    Liquid texture energy gel with carbohidrates, aminoacids and minerals. Caffeinated and non caffeinated version.

  • HyperGel 30 Hydro

    From: 2,30

    An energy gel with 30 g of carbohydrates in a 1:0.8 ratio maltodextrin:fructose and an extra sodium (110 mg) with neutral flavor. With a very liquid texture (hydro) and without aromas, sweeteners or colorings. Indicated for high consumption of carbohydrates. Version without and with caffeine (80 mg).

    The caffeine-free version contains only 6 ingredients and the caffeinated version contains only 7 ingredients.

  • PACK GEL TESTER (x12 Energy Gel)

    Original price was: 23,87€.Current price is: 22,99€. vat included

    The Gel Tester PACK is a tasting pack with 12 gels of all the flavors of our famous Energy Gel. They are technical gels with a large amount of different types of carbohydrates for rapid and sustained absorption, salts to aid hydration and amino acids (BCAAs and others) to optimize performance. They have a liquid texture that will not cost you to swallow and will minimize gastrointestinal problems.

    It contains 3 energy gels of each of the 4 flavors: caffeine cola, caffeinated red fruits, caffeine-free lemon, caffeine-free orange. They are all vegan and allergen free.

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