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Recuperator with 3 parts of carbohydrates, 1 part of protein and extra glutamine. With All Beef and Optipep 90. Informed Sport antidoping certificate. With scientific study.

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Premium recovery product with a ratio 3:1 of carbohydrates and proteins. It also has 1g of glutamine added.

  • 3:1 ratio Carbohydrates and Proteins
  • 1:1 ratio All Beef and Optipep® 90
  • 1:1 ratio Dextrose and Maltodextrin
  • 4 g Glutamine
  • 21 vitamins and minerals
  • Low Fat and Cholesterol Free
  • Hydrolyzed: ultra-fast absorption
  • No doping por Informed Sport

For post-workout

  • Maximum Recovery
  • Iron and Ferritin Increase
  • Maximum Strength and Power
  • Bigger muscle mass
  • Improves the immune system

Helps restore muscle function, improve vertical jump and reduce muscle pain.

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3:1 PRO Recovery is a recovery indicated for Premium athletes who combine strength and endurance and ultra-endurance.
It has a recommended 3: 1 ratio of carbohydrates and protein plus 1 g of added glutamine.

3:1 PRO Recovery has been certified doping free by Informed Sport.
It has a matrix of different carbohydrates in the ratio 1:1 (dextrose / maltodextrin) and the best proteins market in the ratio 1:1 (All Beef and isolated hydrolyzed whey Optipep® 90).
It has been scientifically proven that mixture of high glycemic index carbohydrates with the protein mixture from different sources (All Beef and Optipep® 90) multiplies performance. (Cribb, et al MSSE, 2007: Cooper et al, JEPonline 2013) .Both proteins have scientifically demonstrated its effectiveness and its blends exponentially empower it since the best benefits of both proteins are achieved; greater strength, power and muscle mass gain, better recovery, immune system improvement
and increased iron and ferritin. (Cermak et al 2012. Naclerio & Larumbe 2015: All Beef Studies).
Its absorption is ultrafast, reaching the bloodstream within 15 minutes all the nutrients of 3:1 PRO Recovery: top quality carbohydrates, top quality proteins, vitamins B and D, and very important electrolytes such as magnesium, heme iron and zinc among others, essential fats and an extra of glutamine for recovery.
For maximum benefit it is recommended to take 3 or 4 grams of Creatine Monohydrate from Crown Sport Nutrition in the shake. (Cribb, et al MSSE, 2007: Cooper et al, JEPonline 2013).
The taste is spectacular as in all Productos of Crown Sport Nutrition®

Ingredients: Dextrose, Maltodextrine, All Beef (Beef concentrate extract(95.71%),
vanilla aroma, sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame k), Hydrolyzed and Isolated Whey Protein Optipep® Sports 90, L-Glutamine.
It contains milk proteins ans soya lecithin.

How to use: Mix 1 scoop and a half(59 g) post-workout in 300 ml of water

Additional information

Weight 0.590 kg
3:1 PRO Recovery

Vainilla – 590 g con Shaker Pro, 1 single-dose vanilla x 50 g, Box of 10 single-dose vanilla sachets x 50 g, Vanilla – 590 g




Per 100 g Per porción de 59 g
Energy Value 377,95 kcal 222,99 kcal
Fat of wich: 1,31 0,77 g
saturated 0,61 0,36 g
monoinsaturated 0,42 g 0,25 g
poliinsaturated 0,09 g 0,05 g
Ω 3 1,22 mg 0,72 mg
Ω 6 6,65 mg 3,92 mg
Carbohydrates: 65,23 g 38,49 g
of wich
sugar <0,5 g <0,5 g
Dietary fiber <0,5 g <0,5 g
Protein 25,44 g 15,01 g
Salt* 0,14 g 0,08 g
Vitamin B12 0,49 µg 0,29 μg
Niacin 16,62 mg 9,81 mg
Retinol 0,38 µg 0,22 μg
K 0,05 µg 0,03 μg
Vitamin D 0,18 µg 0,11 μg
Vitamin B6 0,05 mg 0,03 mg
Folic acid 12,79 µg 7,55 μg
Tocopherol 3,22 µg 1,90 μg
B1 0,77 µg 0,45 μg
B2 1,12 µg 0,66 μg
B8 0,1 µg 0,06 μg
Pantothenic acid 0,16 mg 0,09 mg
Phosphorus 162,1 mg 95,64 mg
Heme Iron 2,46 mg 1,45 mg
Zinc 2,88 mg 1,70 mg
Potassium 272,73 mg 160,91 mg
Magnesium 29,32 mg 17,30 mg
Selenium 3.67 µg 2,17 μg
Calcium 90,61 mg 53,46 mg
*Salt content comes from natural sodium occuring in the food


L-Leucine (BCAA) 9,61 g
L-Isoleucine(BCAA) 6,41 g
L-Valine(BCAA) 6.17 g
%BCAA 20.66 %
%BCAA/EAA 45.88%
L-Lysine 9,90 g
L-Phenylalanine 3,59 g
L-Threonine 6,22 g
L-Tryptophan 1,52 g
L-Methionine 2,42 g
L-Histidine 2,54 g
%EAA 45.02%
L-Glutamic Acid 18.11 g
L-Arginine 4.29 g
L-Aspartic Acid 10.58 g
L-Serine 4,80 g
L-Proline 5.9 g
L-Alanine 6.16 g
L-Glycine 4.12 g
L-Tyrosine 3.11 g
L-Cysteine + L Cystine 1.82 g
L-Taurine 0.08 g
L-Ornithine 0.1 g