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  • Isotonic Drink (Isodrink & Energy)

    From: 2,00

    Premium isotonic with carbohydrates, salts and amino acids in proportions according to science. Banned substance tested by Informed Sport.

  • HyperDrink 90, Very high carbohydrate drink

    From: 3,20

    New drink with 90 g of carbohydrates in 500 ml of water and extra sodium. Ratio 1:0,8 Maltodextrin:Fructose. Excellent dissolution, flavor and texture.

    • Provides 90 g of carbohydrates in 500 ml of water
    • Mixture of Maltodextrin and Fructose in a 1:0,8 ratio
    • With a plus of sodium (sea salt)200 mg
    • Maximum absorption and digestibility
    • Suitable for Vegans and free of allergens
  • HyperDrink 45, High carbohydrate drink

    From: 2,20

    Drink with 45 g of carbohydrates in 500 ml of water and 235 mg of sodium. Ratio 1:0,8 Maltodextrin:Fructose. Excellent dissolution, taste and texture.

  • PRO Salt Caps

    22,40 vat included

    Capsules based on highly bioavailable mineral salts. It provides all the electrolytes present in sweat (Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine, Calcium and Magnesium) so its intake favors their replacement, thus minimizing dehydration during exercise.
    Bottle format 60 capsules.

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