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Pack Smartmask + Endurance Tester

Pack indicated for those looking for premium quality masks (Smartmask) and trying the best-selling products from Crown Sport Nutrition for the first time.


The Smart mask is the only REUSABLE mask that is SELF-DISINFECTED on its own due to the patented Copptech technology. Duration: Up to 5 months for intensive use. Made in Spain.

It is composed of a combined solution of copper and zinc with biocidal properties that eliminates with 99.9% efficiency, viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic organisms in a few hours.


Thanks to this innovation, the Smart mask removes bacteria and viruses from contact surfaces, creating a protective barrier between sources of infection and people. Therefore, it does not need to be washed daily and can last 3-5 months for intensive use. 20 washes. UNE0065 and CWA17553 certification.

* It is not a sports mask

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75,15 71,50