HMB 3800 120 caps

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3800 mg of calcium HMB per 4 capsules daily recommended by science.

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HMB 3800 is pure calcium HMB in comfortable tablets.

  • 950 mg of calcium HMB per caps
  • Easy consumption; from 3 to 4 capsules daily
  • Scientifically proven

To take before exercise or during the day

  • Accelerates recovery processes between intense and prolonged training sessions.
  • Optimizes the gain of muscle mass in strength training.
  • Maximizes fat loss and maintains lean mass during the performance of low-calorie diets.

Β-HMB (β-hydroxymethylbutyrate) is a metabolite derived from the metabolization of one of the three branched-chain amino acids, Leucine.
In muscle cells, HMB acts as a metabolic intermediate, amplifying the capacity for energy production, stimulating synthesis and reducing the catabolism of proteins. In addition, the HMB constitutes an intracellular cholesterol precursor molecule that improves the integrity of the cell membrane by reducing its disruption during exercise and helping to maximize the absorption of nutrients during and after workouts. The increase in intracellular levels of β-HMB has been related to improvements in recovery processes, reconstruction and muscle growth.

Recommendations for consumption
To favor adaptations to training, optimize recovery and attenuate the catabolism induced by intense and prolonged workouts, 3 caps (60 kg people) to 4 caps (80 kg people) of HMB should be delivered between 2 to 1 h maximum before training.
On the days that you do not train your consumption can be divided into three takes of 1 capsule: during breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Supplementation should be extended by a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks in untrained and up to 6 weeks in the most trained to observe benefits.
It can be consumed with water, juice or sports drink.

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