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CREATINE MONOHYDRATE (Creapure®) – Neutral Flavour

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It is the best ultrapure creatine monohydrate on the market: Creapure®.  With anti-doping certificate by Informed Sport.

300g TIN
Neutral taste

Creapure No.: 18MA14

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  • 100% Creapure®
  • Powder format
  • 1 single ingredient
  • Perfect solubility
  • Scientifically proven

Creatine Monohydrate is scientifically proven as the most effective of existing creatine.
The Creapure® brand created by the company AlzChem Trostberg GmbH is consolidated as the best and purest.
Creatine Monohydrate is the supplement with more studied in sports nutrition and has been shown to be effective amplifying the benefits of training (Cooper et al 2012) and encouraging the production of strength and volume (Bemben & Lamont, Sport Med, 2005 p 122: Rawson & Volek JSCR, 2003). Its flavor is neutral so that it can be mixed with any drink without altering its taste and its solubility is perfect.

Begin with the loading phase and then pass to the maintenance phase.
-Load Phase: Take 2.5 to 5 g in 5 intakes(Breakfast, lunch, during training, after training, before dinner) for a period of 5 days.
-Maintenance Phase: Take 5 g once daily during or at the end of training.
5 g = Half Scoop

Por 100 g Por porción y % VNR % Ingestas de referencia (VRN) por 100 g
Creatina Monohidrato 100g + +
Valor energético 0 kj/kcal 0% 0%
Grasas de las cuales: 0 g 0% 0%
Hidratos de carbono: 0 g 0% 0%
Fibra alimentaria 0 g 0% 0%
Proteínas 0 g 0% 0%
Sal** 0 g 0% 0%

Creatina monohidrato ultrapura Creapure®

Allergen table
Data sheet

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