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Hydration Pack PRO

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New pack for lovers of endurance sports consisting of a bottle of Isodrink & Energy, a bottle of PRO Salt Caps and a 600 or 800 ml PRO bottle.

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Hydration recommendations:
Sodium is one of the most abundant minerals in the human body, reaching 0.15% of body weight. It is the most important mineral during sports practice because it is the one that we lose the most through sweat. This amount varies greatly between what is known as “sweet sweats” and “salty sweats” that depends on the concentration of sodium lost with sweat, as it is difficult to individualize it, we take as a reference the average that, according to the latest research ( 1), it is about 987 mg for every liter of sweat. Therefore, based on these values, for demanding and long-lasting workouts, it is not enough just to ingest an isotonic drink to replace all the lost sodium and we must introduce an extra of it, in this case, in the form of capsules.

With the recommended intakes of approx. 500 ml / hour of IsoDrink & Energy (295 mg) + 1 or 2 capsules of PRO Salt Caps (310 mg / cap.) The athlete is sure to cover the sodium needs lost in training and / or competition. In addition, the consumption of sodium is essential to avoid hyponatremia, which is the decrease in the concentration of this mineral in the blood plasma, which facilitates dehydration.
The average losses of Potassium1 (234 mg / liter sweat) are perfectly compensated with the same combined intake of IsoDrink & Energy (193 mg) and PRO Salt Caps (54 mg).

Highly assimilable organic sources:
Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium are provided in the form of organic salts (Citrates and Gluconate respectively) whose bioavailability is greater than using inorganic salts such as oxides, carbonates, etc. commonly used due to their apparently higher contribution of the mineral in question and its lower cost.

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