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Tech Socks antibacterial socks

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Technical antibacterial socks for cycling and running with a 18 cm high shaft. In collaboration with the acclaimed brand Pimiento Negro.

  • With antibacterial technology
  • Ergonomic
  • Soft, light and resistant

Designed for road and mountain biking. However, due to their lightness and comfort, they can be used for other sports activities.

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Resistance: Polyamide has a high resistance index, which is an advantage considering that cycling socks are subjected to great stresses during use.

Softness: Polyamide was originally developed as a substitute for silk, so it is clear that the objective was to achieve soft and pleasant sensations in contact with the skin. Long cycling runs involve many hours of contact with the garments, so a correct choice of materials is important if we want to avoid annoying scratches and redness.

Anti bacteria: The polyamide’s own molecular structure reduces the risk of bacteria and molds and also, visible under a magnifying glass, the weave of the threads produces proper ventilation through the garment and a good gas exchange between the skin and the outside.

Lightness: A pair of our socks weigh less than 50 grams, considering that it is also a high-waisted sock. Anyone used to pedaling long runs knows that every gram counts when it comes to conserving energy.

Anti-stain: An oil stain on socks made with low-quality materials can be impossible to remove, but polyamide has great resistance to the adherence of stains to the fabric.

Flat seams: A sock is a cylinder that is made in one piece and has to be sewn at the bottom end. It is very important that this seam has the least possible relief to avoid damage to the toes.

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